Palm Trees Are Boring

Palm Trees Are Boring

In 2021 I was working constantly and didn’t have time to go out and make the photographs I really wanted to make. My job required a lot of driving, criss crossing Los Angeles (especially the East Valley) daily in my trusty Honda Fit. more »

Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
Pages: 72
ISBN: Softcover: 9798211541009
Published: Feb 13, 2023

How to Look at Raisin Bread

How to Look at Raisin Bread is a zine I have created in captivity / quarantine / etc. It is a meditation on Ansel Adams, Robert Cumming, Kenneth Josephson, fatherhood, color theory, children’s books, the zone system and raisin bread. more »

Size: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
Pages: 72
ISBN: Softcover: 9781714898503
Published: May 17, 2020


Three partially complete machines, or what I always thought of as three partially complete machines, cobbled together to make a whole. It took years for this whole to reveal itself to me. As a young artist making these photographs the act was one of creation. Looking back I see the creation but also the absence left in the wake of the creation. This book is a pile that can be observed but the hole it left is invisible and mine alone.  more »

Size: 8×10 in, 20×25 cm
Pages: 84
ISBN: Softcover: 9781715775612
Published: Nov 07, 2020

The Anthracite Fields

For all flesh is as grass,
and all the glory of man
as the flower of grass.
The grass withereth,
and the flower thereof
falleth away
1 Peter 1:24 more »

Size: Standard Portrait, 8×10 in, 20×25 cm
Pages: 40
Published: Jan 28, 2020

The Distance of Stars

I’d been in LA for less than a year when an old friend came to town. The city was foreign and we were a little unmoored. He picked up a dead frog flattened and dehydrated, a fossil of the present. We drove to Mexico. His marriage was collapsing, I was in love but it was hard to hang on. Time and distance dominated my thoughts, it all seemed so impossible. I haggled with the Mexican vendor for twenty minutes; my girlfriend was mortified. more »

Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9781714483891
Published: Feb 27, 2020

The Last Six Months

S. came down from NYC to get her remaining belongings from our place in South Philly. It was our place but at that point I guess it was my place. She brought her friend L. who I have always suspected of being a secret agent for the Israeli military, it is unlikely but she did serve in the Israeli military and she was working so hard to learn Arabic. It was a Sunday afternoon and the whole thing put me in a terrible mood so rather than saying some shitty petty things I left with my camera. I came across an old woman in an alley dressed in dark robes throwing bread to pigeons. I saw her and raised my camera but before I could take a picture she clocked me. She pointed and scolded me saying “I give life to these creatures of the city… and you! You take life!” Feeling thoroughly defeated and depressed I started to walk home down Broad Street. I must have passed the closed furrier with the faded posters of women dressed in furs coats, dirty windows scratched and etched with graffiti, dozens of times but that day I actually looked at it. more »

Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
Pages: 60
ISBN: Softcover: 9781714403479
Published: Feb 08, 2020

Mountains are Lovers

It was sometime after midnight and we were high in the mountain pass when we skidded into the rest stop. This girl, who had driven these snowy mountain roads for years, was shaking and nervous, she glared at me calculating our predicament.

She took a long blink and swallowed gathering her words carefully. ” You don’t buy windshield wiper fluid in Southern California for a road trip to Colorado in winter. It freezes.” more »

Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
Pages: 72
ISBN: Softcover: 9781714293124
Published: Jan 15, 2020